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The Sekrit is Out .. and it's AMAZING

Last year our beautiful city of Austin, TX was about to lose a true gem due to neighbor complaints, but in true "Keep Austin Weird" form - The Sekrit Theater survived the storm and is here to stay .. for now. What started out as a passion project for it's owner turned into a photographer's dream spot with a sprawling greenhouse that transports you into another world and antiques and treasures all over the property always allowing it's visitors to see something new. I adore this spot for photos for so many reasons and getting to photograph this family again and see how their little man is growing is just icing on the cake. These three are definitely a busy crew who always bring a little spark to their sessions. Take a peak and tell me what you think of this magical spot.

The greenhouse alone is worth getting your pictures taken in
The Sekrit Theater is a Photographer's Dream

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