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"MELANIE is an amazing photographer! We were blown away at how wonderful our daughter's senior pictures turned out. Melanie is the perfect balance between fun & easy-going and a consummate professional. The entire shoot was comfortable and just easy, from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend her!"



"A good photographer can have a developed sense of composition, focus and the rudiments for decent lighting, but all of that can be taught. 


A great photographer, though, has qualities that can't be taught.  They're the ones that reveal the source and soul of light in their subject.  They know that composition is not just the arrangement of things, but the heart of the feeling tone being conveyed.  These photographers  are called artists.  They capture the essence of life and vitality in a split second preserving it in a story told through the lens of a camera.


You, dear Melanie, are an artist!  We'll do this again.  I love working with people who know that creativity is joy."  ~STEPHANIE

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Austin Senior, Brands, Family & Micro Wedding Photographer


Melanie Wright Photography

Based out of Austin, TX
Tel: 512.584.0113
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