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Dripping Springs Boho Sunset Anniversary Session

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Celebrating your 10 year anniversary is a BIG deal and I was so excited I was able to capture this milestone with this sweet family!

Mom picked the perfect combination of pastels and flowy fabrics for the girls and deep navy colors for the boys to create a beautiful Boho vibe sunset session in my new hometown of Dripping Springs, TX. Just south of Austin and where my dreams of open fields come to life.

If you were there for this session you would have seen some epic behind the scenes moments, as well as it being one of the warmer evenings we've had this summer there was a whole lot of sweating on my part.

I loved this park b/c the grass wasn't too tall and going off the trail slightly we were able to have a spot to ourselves with great sunset light flowing in from behind with the trees filtering it. I loved all the small flowers that were growing here and knew they would be a fun color pop as well as a fun *prop* for the kiddos to use as well.

With a little patience, a whole lot of love, we were able to get this session to the magical spot it needed to be and capture all of these moments that mama had hoped for an amazing gallery wall waiting for them at home to fill. (Scroll to the bottom to see how she knocked it out of the park in that department as well!)

If you're ready to create your own sunset magic click here:

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