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In A New York Minute...

Do you ever have a dream of being somewhere, doing something that's out of your norm but your mind craves it despite your best effort to ignore it? Shooting in New York City on the Brooklyn Bridge was that dream for me last Fall. I saw this picture of the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker and it sparked something in me that I couldn't ignore it. Somehow everything started to fall into place - a friend who is a wardrobe consultant

#travelphotographer #austinphotographer #wardrobeconsultant
Elizabeth and I on the Brooklyn Bridge post shoot!

( was going to be in NYC shopping for clients and the rest was history ... sometimes life pushes you right into the spot you're meant to be. Sometimes that tug on your heart is there for a perfect reason. My next dream spot is up in the air ... where do you think I should go? Want to go with? Paris? London? Chicago? LA?

If you could go anywhere for photos where would you go? Leave me a note in the comments!

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