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Her Time to Shine

Part of my business model is my philanthroPICS program. This is where you can donate a session to someone who may need a little pick me up at this point in their life. This beautiful mama has now become a friend and I was honored to get to make her feel special for the day. One of the things I loved about this shoot was that everyone came together to make it a special and fully donated session. From the dresses, to the makeup, to the venue everyone was happy to help make this day amazing. Please take a peek at Ms. Courtney and send her your well wishes!

Venue: Laguna Gloria

Makeup: Keri Wooten

Dresses: Elizabeth Elias, Claudia Trejo, Michelle Thomas

#philanthroPICS@americancancersociety #fighter#cancersucks #strength #beauty#austinphotographer#austinglamourphotographer#glamourphotography#melaniewrightphotography

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