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 Ever since I was little girl I was obsessed with recording moments. Big, small, significant or insignificant - I captured them all with my tiny film cameras and have albums upon albums of the world through my child lens. As I grew my passion for capturing those moments evolved with time, from working in the dark room and developing film to the digital landscape that we all know now, one aspect of what I do has never waivered - my love for documenting it all remains true. Honing in on Senior Photography, Families &Brands I've found my place in the world of photography. Putting you at ease is my initial goal and then narrating your story through my lens in a beautiful and authentic way is my mission. 

Please take a moment if you'd like to join me on this journey and see what working with me is all about ... and when you're ready click that button below.
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"Every mama hopes her family pics turn out good....hope the kids all look at the camera at the same time....might actually all smile...etc....

Well if ANYONE can get my crazy family looking good it's Melanie Whitten Wright

- even when the day before pics you change the location and say 'oh yeah ALL the kids are coming....that's 7 kids of various blended family connections...and all the moms...that's 3 mamas/bonus mamas...and one 27 year old whose idea of personal hell is taking family pictures...and she works this magic.

Thank you Melanie xoxo"


"Melanie did an amazing job on my son’s senior photos. She set us up at a beautiful location and made my son feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire shoot. She was so easy to work with and got so many creative and gorgeous shots! Melanie guided his poses so naturally and had him laughing and enjoying the entire experience! If you want a skilled photographer and stunning photos, you won’t be disappointed!"

- Jordan

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