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Wedding Photography: The Inside Scoop

As an Austin based (this means we live here but man do we travel to take good photos) Wedding Photographer it is our job to make your Big Day ... YOUR BIG DAY!

We *thrive* on pre-planning in advance so that the day of we are there capturing your moments as they unfold as organically as possible. We love to breakdown your day into "Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, and Post-Ceremony" shot lists. This allows us to know way ahead of time what your dream shots are, who the special people are (besides the bride and groom-duh) to hone in on and what your personality is like to make sure that we are just what you need to make your day amazing.

Everything tied to a wedding is magical and memorable - the cake, the dress, the flowers, the location - all of it - and of the few things you will take with you that are tangible and will be hung on your walls and turned in the pages of an amazing heirloom album - your pictures will be those pieces.

So let's talk if you're newly engaged - let's set your vision for your big day and make a plan that creates the most amazing way to remember when two become one.


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