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SoCo Senior Rep Session .. Music to my Ears

Being in band is a whole new world for this crop of Seniors... being a member of a STATE winning band two years in a row... is UNHEARD of! I was so excited to shoot Seb's photos on the iconic South Congress Ave in Austin, TX recently with an ever so subtle nod to his musical skills. Let me know if you see it in some of the photos.

I love that he chose three very different styles for his session that all fit his different vibes. I have to say though that using your letterman jacket is always a classic look I'll never get tired of shooting and when it's set against such a fun vibrant backdrop it takes a new twist on a item that is so quintessential high school vibes!

Are you ready to start the conversation on creating a Senior photoshoot that fits your Senior's vibe so that's it's totally them? Hit the contact button and let's go!

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