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Here Come The Senior Model Reps

I'm just going to say it - I suck at blogging. Keeping this up to date is one of the hardest things for me. HOWEVER, one thing I don't suck at is taking pictures. I am currently loving being able to shoot again (Safely, with a mask, at over 6 feet) and to make memories for all of these amazing high school Seniors in the Austin area who have had to struggle with their big year getting all turned upside down.

Every year I pick a certain amount of Seniors who answer questions for me via a questionnaire online about why they think they would be a good rep for me. I was blown away this year with how many *AMAZING* young people we have out there y'all. Truly, so many good candidates. It's finally time for me to share some of their photos with y'all so be ready b/c I have a ton of wonderful Seniors I worked with already this year - this blog is about to get very full!

Introducing ... Hannah!

An exceptional equestrian this girl is going places ... an on horseback no less.

(Trust me I want to do another shoot with her horse so stay tuned!)

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