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3 Tips For Bringing Your Pup to Your Shoot

TOP 3 TIPS for bringing your fur babies to a photoshoot:⁠

1. Know your dog(s) comfort levels... if your dog isn't great with new people and new surroundings then perhaps a photoshoot isn't the best idea just yet⁠.⁠

2. If your dog is high energy no worries - just walk/run them a little before photos start to help get the wiggles out⁠.⁠

3. Treats - always bring treats! They are just like kids and little bribery and *cheese* can go a long way for your pups. ⁠

4. BONUS - relax and just go with it. I'm a dog person - I'm going to love on your pup no matter what and seriously there isn't anything your dog will do that I haven't seen so have fun with them and let me capture all those moments of you and your fur babes. It will be fun - promise!⁠

So where are all my dog people at? Drop a pup emoji and tell me what breed you have or love!⁠

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