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Family Photos - Are they worth it?

Documenting your family as each year ticks by may seem silly to some since the invention of the iPhone came around. I mean, you have 4,598 photos of your loved ones on your phone. What's the point of hiring someone to do it?

I hear this a lot and want to let you know that for me capturing your family in a beautiful professional way is my passion. Creating images that will last you a lifetime and beyond is my job and I take pride in being able to this quickly when need be.

I'm happy to be launching my holiday mini-sessions this year and bringing them all back to nature that so many requested!

These minis are a quick shoot (only 15 minutes) and are meant to get you the basics of what you need - beautiful family photos for your holiday cards, gifts, or just as an annual documentation of you and yours.

The price point is my lowest all year - only $250 - and for even the most hesitant of participants these sessions will be fun and absolutely worth it.

I've got two sessions I'm shooting at some of Austin's most beautiful creek areas and one at a vineyard. Yep. Family Photos + Wine ... I feel it's like what the world has been needing right about now.

I'd love to capture you and your family this year - I promise - they will be worth it when you look back on them in the years to come and you'll be so glad you took the 15 minutes to create a little bit of family history for your future generations.

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